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Final Test for the 5 th Form мій вайбер 0969838903

                     Final Test for  the 5 th  Form               

1)Read and  choose the right answer to the question (6 балів)  
At the Shopping Centre.
It’s Saturday afternoon and Tim and Tina are shopping with their mother. They go to a big shopping centre. The shopping centre is a big building outside the town. It has got many different types of shops. It has also got restaurants, snack bars and a big cinema.
     Tim and Tina’s mother go to the supermarket. She buys chicken, rice and some vegetables. Then she takes the children to a sports shop. She buys a pair of trainers for Tim in the sports shop. Then they go to a book shop. Here mother buys a story book for Tina. After that they are very hungry and they all go to a fast food restaurant. Finally, mother and the children go to the cinema. They see a funny film called ‘’ My Uncle Joe”.
1) What day is it?                          a) Sunday;
                                                     b) Saturday;
                                                     c) Monday;
2) What are Tim and Tina doing? a) Playing with their mother;
                                                     b) Reading with their mother;
                                                     c) Shopping with their mother;
3) Where do they go?                    a) To a big shopping center;
                                                     b) To a market;
                                                     c) To a shop;
4) Where is the shopping centre?     a) In the centre of the town;
                                                      b) Inside the town;
                                                      c) Outside the town;
5) Where do they go at first?        a) To the supermarket;
                                                       b) To the butcher’s;
                                                       c) To the baker’s;
6) Where do they go then?            a) To the toy shop;
                                                        b) To the sports shop;
                                                       c) To the sweet shop;
7) What do they buy in the sports shop?   
 a) A pair of trainers;   b) A T-shirt;   c) A tracksuit;
8) What does mother buy in the book shop?
 a) A magazine;   b) A book;  c) A copy-book;
9) Where do they eat?                                    a) In the café;
                                                                      b) In snack bar;
                                                                      c) In the fast food restaurant;
10) Where do they go finally?                      a) To the cinema;
                                                                    b) To the playground;
                                                                    c) To the sports-ground;
11) What do they see?                               
a) A cartoon;  b) A film; c) A TV-programme;
12) This text is about …                               
) Tim and Tom    b) Tom and Tina   c) Tina and Tim
                         2)Grammar Test (6 балів)
1. This is ... banana.
a) a b) the c) an d) -
2. This is ... taxi. ... taxi is red.
a) a-an b) an-the c) a-the d) -
3. She ... often the piano.
a) is playing b) will play c) plays d) did play
4. It ... snow last Sunday.
a) didn't b) wasn't c) isn't d) won't
5. The boys must do everything ... .
a) himself b) yourself c) yourselves d) themselves
6. This is ... friend.
a) he b) my c) і d) we
7. She ... taken the bag.
a) have b) has c) is d) -
8. We ... children.
a) is b) are c) am d) -
9. Telephone boxes ... brown.
a) is b) are c) am d) -
10. ... often visit their friends.
a) The Browns b) Browns c) Browns' d) The Browns'
11. There is ... orange in the box.
a) a b) some c) an d) -
12. There are ... flowers in the vase.
a) an b) a c) some d) –

ТЕСТ ДЛЯ 2Б КЛАСУ мій вайбер 0969838903

                                  ТЕСТ ДЛЯ  2Б КЛАСУ

І.  Write small letters. Напишіть маленькі літери.(3бали)
A____E ___F____D____H____N____C____D_____
 R ____T____S____B____.

ІІ. .  Утворіть множину від цих слів (5балів)
       a crocodile -                                                    
       a monkey                                                        
       a lion  -                                                           
       a snake –                                                            
      a rabbit –
have got,
has  got

III. Match the pairs. Відшукайте пари (4 бали)
1.     zoo                                      a. мавпа
2.     animals                                b. Я маю собаку
3.     tiger                                     c. зоопарк                
4.     I have got a dog                  d. тварини
5.     monkey                               e.  тигр
6.     crocodile                              f. жираф                                                
7.     giraffe                                  g. миша   
     8. mouse                                   h. крокодил

The Final Test for the 6 th Form мій вайбер 0969838903

The Final Test for  the 6 th  Form  
1. Choose the correct translation.(5балів+1 якщо все вірно)
1.Де знаходиться твій брат?
A) Where does your brother?    B)  Where do your brother?   C) Where is your brother?
 2. Що вони роблять зараз? - Вони дивляться телевізор.

 a) What do they doing now? - They watching TV
 b)What are they doing now? - They are watching TV
 c) What is they doing now? - They is watching TV.
3. Твоєму братові подобається читати? - Так.
Does your brother like reading? - Yes, he does.
 Is your brother like reading? - Yes, he is.
Do your brother like reading? - Yes, he do.
4.Ти коли-небудь плавав з дельфінами? 
Have you ever swam with dolphins?
 Has you ever swum with dolphins? 
 Have you ever swum with dolphins?
5. Він прокинувся, поснідав та пішов гуляти.
 He woke up, has breakfast and went for a walk.
He woke up, had breakfast and went for a walk.
 He woke up, had breakfast and go for a walk.
6.My mother _____ a nice bag.

a) haves got                    b) has got c)have got

7. Everybody in our family (help)____ our mum about the house. Dad (walk)____ the dog, I (water) _____ the flowers, my brothers (clean)_____ the rooms. 
helps, walks,water, cleans 
help, walks, water, cleans
helps, walks, water, clean
8. He ______ to the cinema next week.

 a) will go            b) went       c) goes

 9. Oh no! We haven’t got .... eggs for breakfast. 
 a)  some           b)any                      c) an

10.   I ... yoga on Saturdays.

a/) do              b) play         c) go
       2.Read the text .
Sports Day
          Most schools in England have a sports day once a year, in the late spring or in the summer. As my school is in London, in a place with no playing-field, we go to a special running track which belongs to the London County Council.
          The sports day is looked forward to by the whole school. On that day we have no lessons. We look at the sky every day for a week beforehand, hoping that it will be fine; even if we cannot have a real sunny day, at least we don’t want any rain.
          We go to school on the day itself, the sky is blue with no clouds, but we take a mackintosh with us in case; we also take a packed lunch. Outside the school is a fleet of buses to take us to the field. It is half an hour’s ride.
          When we arrive, all the competitors change into their sports clothes, shorts and shirts or vests, and the spectators find places on the sloping banks round the track, ready to cheer up their teams. The running track is circular and inside it, there are places for high jump, the long jump, throwing the discus and the hurdles races. All these events take place at the same time as the running, so there is plenty to watch. There is a large blackboard on which the results are chalked up for all to see, and as the day goes on it is possible to see which team is ahead or has the best chance of winning.
          Our school is divided into six teams, or, as we call them, ‘houses’; each ‘house’ has a different colour and the competitors wear the colour of their ‘house’. The ‘house’ with the most points at the end of the day wins a trophy, either a shield or a cup.

Task 1 (3 бала)
Read the text and mark the sentences T(True) or F(False).
1.     All school in England have a sports day.
2.     We have four lessons on that day.
3.     We always get to the field by bus.
4.     It takes us 30 minutes to get to the field.
5.     Everybody can see the results on a large blackboard.
6.     The competitors wear the colour of their school.

Task 2 (3 бала)
Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B or C.
1.     We have a sports day … a year.
A. once      B. twice     C. three times
2.     On this day we …
A. want some rain     B. don’t want any rain     C. don’t want any sun
3.     There is a fleet of buses …
A. outside the field     B. outside the school     C. outside the track
4.     The spectators find places on the …
A. river banks     B. sloping hills     C. sloping banks
5.     All sport events take place …
A. at different times     B. at the same place     C. at the same time
6.     Our school is divided into … teams.
A. 6     B. 16     C. 60